About Label Mouse

This service is a work in progress, its basically a passion project that I'll build on over time. If you have comments or suggestions, please drop me an email

What do the scores mean?

The scores are (a somewhat subjective) attempt to simplify what the label really stands for. We've broken the rating into three sections - Human Welfare, Animal Welfare and Environment. Our assumption is that you might be interested in one area more an another so we haven't rolled it up into an overall score.

What does 'verified' mean?

Schemes have a few different way of checking that their members are compliant:

  • Self-verified - the producer says they're following the rules... but no one checks.
  • Scheme verified - the scheme provider checks up on application (and usually randomly spot checks every few years)
  • Independently verified - A third party service does the checking
  • Not verified - Basically a scam. No one is has to promise anything
Where's the data from?

The data comes from a range of sources, some of which I've added as citations at the bottom of each review if appropriate. Its mainly online desk-research and looking through annual reports. Again, we'll build this out over time.
It's been interesting (and depressing) to see how little data is shared about these schemes. Self-certification schemes are about as valuable as a pinky-promise from the manufacturer...

Why 'Label Mouse'?

Because its kinda memorable and cute?