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Label Mouse says:

Fairtrade label shows that a product has been certified to offer a better deal to the farmers and workers involved. It guarantees social, economic and environmental requirements that improve both the lives of the workers and the environments they work in.

Producers must receive prices that cover the average costs of sustainable production and in return they must invest in projects that enhance local development. In 2020, it was the highest fixed price from any independent scheme. The purpose of a fixed price is that farmers know what they'll receive and aren't at the whims of the market (or a sneaky brand that might offer a lower price come harvest day). Fairtrade also guaranteed no used of forced or child labour has been used.

FLOCERT is the independent organisation that checks that Fairtrade standards have been correctly implemented throughout the supply chain. To be honest, this is a great label to look out for -the level of regulation is detailed and worth exploring.

The label is most commonly seen on coffee and banana products.

They promise:

Fairtrade works with farmers and workers so they can improve their living standards, invest in their communities and businesses, and protect the shared environment.

This is a big scheme with a lot of detail. Label Mouse will return to this!

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What is Label Mouse?

There are a lot of food labels out there, but its pretty unclear what they mean.

With the UK leaving the EU we're able to define our own regulations on how our food is produced, the impact on the environment and how the animals involved are cared for. This could be a good or a bad thing. The extra player in the mix is that brands are introducing their own schemes which can appear more eco-friendly than they actually are.

Label Mouse does the research to help you make more informed buying choices. Hope it's useful.
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