Shows that the product meets a set of dietary laws for Jewish people. Doesn't guarantee and welfare or environmental standards. Does guarantee the animal suffered an unnecessarily painful death










Label Mouse says:

The only part of Kosher guidance that relates to what we cover here on Label Mouse is in the slaughtering of animals. Deer must be shot in an open field, and pigs and cows must be killed by having their throats slit. In this respect (focus on the slaughter) it its similar to halal.

Now, UK law requires animals to me stunned before slaughter so they don't feel any pain - Kosher (and Halal) are exempt from this. Animals can take from 5-40 seconds to pass out from the cut. During this time, they are definitely in pain.

There is inspection of the meat post slaughter for quality control purposes, but again, this doesn't mean an animal wasn't mistreated up until slaughter. The regulation of Kosher compliance is carried out by specialists - so we'll call that 'scheme verified'.

There is nothing in Kosher that determines how the animal was reared or any environmental standards, so we have to give this one a non-applicable across the board.

They promise:

Labelling an item as 'kosher' means that it is alignment with Jewish religious teachings.

This covers many areas including the separation of meat from milk during preparation, not containing animal products which aren't on the acceptable list and ensuring and animal product has been prepared 'properly'. Check the references for details.

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