Privately regulated scheme focussed on the farmers and improving how they work.










Label Mouse says:

This label is focussed on the famers and improving their practice and making positive changes. It does not guarantee human or animal welfare.

The scheme is not based on any national or European directives and is regulated privately. As part of the Brexit deal it was agreed that the EU organic logo can be continued to be used on organic food or feed until 31 December 2023.

It provides a minimum standard for sustainability, but it doesn’t guarantee that food will be organic, non-GM, produced in the UK or that animals will have not been intensively reared.

This one requires a bit more digging from Label Mouse to explore whether its really work looking out for - but post 2023, it might disappear from UK shelves entirely.

They promise:

Guarantees sustainable farming standards, e.g. by managing soil quality, using water and energy efficiently and controlling pollution.

The scheme requires farms to take a whole business approach to delivering more sustainable, climate positive farming through:

Increased imple­men­ta­tion of regen­er­a­tive practices. Improved pos­i­tive action for cli­mate change through energy efficiency and reduced car­bon footprints.

Improved soil man­age­ment to enhance soil qual­i­ty and soil health. Improved man­age­ment of water use and water quality and enriched diver­si­ty of native habi­tats and species.

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What is Label Mouse?

There are a lot of food labels out there, but its pretty unclear what they mean.

With the UK leaving the EU we're able to define our own regulations on how our food is produced, the impact on the environment and how the animals involved are cared for. This could be a good or a bad thing. The extra player in the mix is that brands are introducing their own schemes which can appear more eco-friendly than they actually are.

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