Pasture for Life

Pasture for Life

Better than Pasture Promise, indicates the animal has had a slight better life










Label Mouse says:

Pasture For Life (PFLA) is a strong label focused on animal welfare. The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association has established the label in 2009 and although its farmers regulating themselves, it is does have a set of verifiable certification standards.

The label doesn't cover much as it only champions the benefits of dairy (beef and lamb) production from grass and pasture, with no grains being fed to the animals.

The standard currently only applies to cow’s milk, beef and lamb,

They promise:

A distinct method of farming where livestock is raised exclusively on pasture. It covers cattle, sheep, goats and deer and can be used to certify meat, dairy, leather and fibres (such as wool).

In addition to being more sustainable, meat and milk from 100% pasture-fed animals has be shown to have better nutritional outcomes with higher vitamin and fatty acid content.

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