Round Table Responsible Soy

Round Table Responsible Soy

Focused on farmers, processors and the environment, RTRS is a high quality standard for soy










Label Mouse says:

The RTRS covers the full supply chain of soy (and now some corn) production. Its an EU recognised and independently audited scheme that hold producers and processors to a high standard.

It's pretty niche this one, looking only at soy production and processing (although they now have a new arm for corn). Looks like a solid one to look out for rather than any 'responsible soy' from a brand name.

They promise:

A certification scheme including five principles and 108 mandatory and progressive compliance indicators:

* Legal Compliance and Good Business Practices

* Responsible Labor Conditions and Community Relations

* Environmental Responsibility

* Good Agricultural Practices

Ensures zero deforestation and zero conversion soy production. RTRS Certification for Responsible Soy Production is valid for 5 years with mandatory annual surveillance audits.

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